Busting 10 Common Anxiety Myths

There are many anxiety myths regarding anxiety health problems. Here we bust the 10 most common anxiety myths below.

1. You have to learn or cope with your anxiety issues

Many of our anxiety clients have been told this anxiety myth by NHS professionals, counsellors, psychologists, therapists and family members. It is simply not true. From my personal experience, once I had found the tools I needed to remove anxiety I managed to conquer my anxiety problems in less than 6 months. Today we do this faster with most of our anxiety clients.

2. You can simply pull yourself together

This anxiety myth is usually used by those around us who do not understand our anxiety issues. It is often very hard for people with anxiety to “pull themselves together” as they are mentally stuck. Telling people with anxiety or any issue to you to pull themselves together can often make the situation worse and cause resentment. However, once people learn some powerful skills they then have the power to change their mental states and change how they feel.

3. Anxiety issues are caused by a bad experience.

Yes & No! Anxiety and other emotional issues can be caused by emotional experiences, while for some anxiety sufferers there is no experience to cause such anxiety problems. Sometimes we can pattern anxiety from those around us or it may be triggered by food, environment or something else.

4. You have to resolve your past to deal with anxiety issues.

Psychology sometimes states that we need to go through our past in detail to find the reasons why. From my experience, this can make anxiety issues worse as the client has to then relive and experience the issues that have caused the anxiety problem. As an NLP practitioner, I find it is better to look at how the client would prefer to feel and focus our time and energy here, in a positive way.

5. Anxiety affects certain types of people, such as Snowflakes.

This is very untrue and a common anxiety myth. From our experience, anxiety affects people from all personality types and from all walks of life. We have helped clients who are parents, employed, unemployed, business professionals, NHS professions etc.
It is not unusual for mentally strong people to suffer from anxiety problems and more than others.

6. It is easy to see if someone has anxiety.

Anxiety is not always physical and some anxiety sufferers are very good at hiding anxiety symptoms. Anxiety can affect people in many different ways with many different symptoms. Many people are very good at hiding emotional issues and may come across as strong and self-confident.

7. Anxiety medication won’t help with anxiety problems.

Anxiety medication or drugs can be very useful especially in emergencies or severe situations, such as suicide. Anxiety medication will affect people in different ways. For some, it is very useful and helps quickly. For others, it has no effect or may make matters worse. Many anxiety clients report that they prefer not to use anxiety medication as the side effects can cause many serious problems and that the effectiveness often reduces over time. Your GP is your best person to speak to about anxiety medication.

8. Anxiety problems will naturally get better over time.

Very rarely will anxiety get better over time unless something dramatically changes in your life. Those that seek help and make changes often see major improvements. Asking for help is the first step to taking control of your anxiety problems.

9. Effective therapy or counselling for anxiety will take many years.

From our experience, it should take no more than a few months to see a major difference with anxiety issues. We do see many clients who have been told this and then see the same clients make major progress very quickly. Sadly telling people that it will take time and that recover may be difficult is not helping at all.

10. Anxiety problems can’t be resolved quickly

We know that the mind works best when it learns quickly. Our minds are very powerful and they can quickly learn anxiety problems and they can also learn to replace these feelings just as quickly. Very often we see anxiety issues improve very quickly for driving anxiety, food anxiety, social anxiety, alcohol, drugs and feeling stuck. Anxiety problems can often be a symptom that there are other issues that need to be resolved. These can be a lack of relaxation and self-care, poor diet and nutrition, relationship problems and lifestyle issues.

10 Most Common Anxiety Myths Busted

We hope you have enjoyed learning about anxiety myths and find this information useful. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

Your First Step To Resolving Your Anxiety Problems

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Anxiety Client Testimonials

Here are just a few testimonials from previous anxiety clients.

Thanks to NHS Dr Andrew for his review regarding our anxiety & stress service.

Anxiety Myths Busted
Anxiety Myths Busted
Anxiety Myths Busted
Anxiety Myths Busted
Anxiety Myths Busted
Anxiety Myths Busted

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