South Shields Hypnotherapy Practice

Hypnotherapy South Shields

Your South Shields Hypnotherapy Practice is located at

White Feather House
46 Charlotte Street
South Shields
NE33 1PX

Tel 07568 455 809.

South Shields Hypnotherapy Practice by Newcastle Hypnotherapy.

Newcastle Hypnotherapy offers a wide range of professional, clinical Hypnosis Services along with other modern techniques.
We help clients with a wide range of subjects including Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Self-confidence, Pain, Weight Loss, Stop Smoking habits, behaviour and many other challenges.
You can find full information on the many issues Newcastle Hypnotherapy can help with on the Main Page.

Finding The South Shields Hypnotherapy Practice.

Appointments & events take place in the wonderful White Feather House, 46 Charlotte Street, South Shields, NE33 1PX.
White Feather House is very close to the Metro Station and handy for drivers as there is always plenty of car parking near Charlotte Street.
Appointments need to be booked in advance please. Our other locations can be found below.

South Shields HypnotherapyOpening Hours. Call to arrange your appointment on 07568 455 809.

Monday – 9.00 am to 8.00 pm
Tuesday – 9.00 am to 1.00pm
Wednesday – 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
Thursday – 9.00 am to 8.00 pm
Friday – 9.00 am to 1.00 pm
Saturday – 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
Sunday – 10.00 am to 5.00 pm

Other hypnosis appointment times can be arranged on request.
Call 07568 455 809 to arrange your free strategy session or see below to book online.


Booking My Appoinment Or Finding Out More.

Most of our clients prefer to speak to us in advance to discuss any issues and to answer any questions they may have.
To do this simply call 07568 455 809 and we can arrange a time suitable for you.

You can also bookyour hypnotherapy session online here.

  1. Arrange your Free 15 Minute Strategy Session – Click Here Now.
  2. Book your Hypnotherapy Session Online – Click Here Now.

South Shields Hypnotherapy Events & Workshops.

We run regular events, trainings and workshops from the South Shields Hypnotherapy Practice.
Just some of the topics we cover are Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis, Personal Development, EFT, NLP, Tapping, Modelling, Meditation, Mindfulness and many more more.
You can also take part in targeted workshops for Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Confidence, Pain Managemen etc.
To learn more about these events simply join the newsletter below.

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    Questions & Answers.

    Are there other locations for Newcastle Hypnotherapy in the North East?

    Yes, you can also find us at:

    Do you offer Hypnotherapy Services at my home or workplace?

    Yes, we can certainly offer home or work visits if you are unable to come to us as long as the conditions are right.
    Simply as about special visits when you Contact Us.

    Do you offer online Hypnosis and NLP services?

    Online sessions have become very popular lately. For most issues, online sessions are just as effective as face to face appointments.
    Simply ask about online hypnosis sessions when you give us a call.

    Can we arrange a talk or demonstration for a organisation?

    Of course. We do quite a number of specialist events for companies, charites, groups on a number of subjects.
    Simply ask when you Contact Us.

    Can you offer help for children and young adults?

    Yes. Many of our hypnosis therapies are suitable for everyone and we also have a specialist member of staff who is an experienced in child issues. Simply ask about this when you Contact Us.

    How long is a hypnosis session?

    Usually, an appointment will take about and hour and a half for the first session and following sessions are about an hour.
    We can give advise during your free strategy session or when making your booking.

    How do I know how many appointments I will need?

    Once we have spoken we can advise better on the number of sessions. Quite often 2 to 3 sessions will see most issues resloved. Some people may require less or more.

    What can I expect in my session?

    Hypnosis is a natural focused state that you experience every day. It is rather similar to being engaged in a good tv program of film.
    During your session we start by exploring your issues and outcomes. During the hypnosis part of your session, clients state they are fully alert, remembering everything in full detail. Hypnosis or trance should be a wonderful, relaxed feeling, rather like daydreaming. Feel free to ask about this during your free strategy session.

    Learning Self-Hypnosis. How should I start?

    Self-Hypnosis is an amazinig skill to learn as it allows you to control your states, feelings and emotions very quickly.
    Once you learn Self-Hypnosis is gives you power over many issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, habits and behavious.
    We teach self-hypnosis skills to most clients and we can do this through one to one sessions and small group sessions. We also run trainings through the The Wednesday Workshops and larger courses.

    How much do you charge for sessions?

    Prices vary depending on the issues we are working on and if we are working by the session or a program of sessions.
    We can advise better when you contact us.

    How fast can hypnotherapy and NLP help me?

    Most clients see benefits with the first session although this can vary from person to person and on the issues we are looking to change. Usually change and improvements happen over a period of time. We usually give you exercises to practice in between sessions and these can really speed up your results.





    Newcastle Hypnotherapy South Shields can be found at

    White Feather House
    46 Charlotte Street
    South Shields
    NE33 1PX

    Tel 07568 455 809


    You can also learn about our regular events and workshops by joining our newsletter above.

    Hypnotherapy Near Me.

    Wherever you are, we can help you as we work from several locations in the North East & now conduct hypnotherapy sessions online.