Imagine the ability to learn Self-Hypnosis and feel the way you want to feel.

Learn Self-hypnosis Newcastle Hypnotherapy - Mark MorleyMany clients are asking to learn Self-hypnosis these days and it has so many benefits for our health and wellbeing.
Our self-hypnosis program helps you to make improvements in the areas of your life that you choose.
This could be helping you to reduce anxiety and stress or helping with focus and concentration, building confidence or changing those habits and behaviors.

We run regular workshops for Self-hypnosis – SELF-HYPNOSIS EVENTS
where you can learn with others some really useful self-hypnosis skills and techniques that you can use for yourself.
Once you practice these skills you can learn to relax quickly, anytime, anywhere and change your thoughts and actions.
You can also direct your mind to make major changes in habits and behavior, such as weight loss, smoking etc.
Look for a Self-Hypnosis Event or call us on 07568 455 809 today to ask about our individual sessions or even online sessions.

Learning Self-Hypnosis Helps To Put You In Control Of Your Life.

The first thing to ask yourself is “What would I like to change or improve in life”?
Make a list of all of the things you would like to work on. What would you like to become? How would the new you behave? Which habits and behaviors would you like to change?
Then give them a score of how important they are for you. Then you can start working on the top 2 or 3 as a start.
once you learn the self-hypnosis skills you can work on these at your pace and with some daily practice, you can see changes very quickly.

What Is Self-Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural ability of the mind. As we go through our day we naturally move from state to state and we all have many different states. We have a state for driving, a parenting state, a working state, a sleeping state and many problem states.
Some of our states are positive and somethings can send us into a negative state. When we are in a positive state we can really handle problems and challenges better and our immune and repair systems work so much better in a positive state.  Negative states can really damage our performance and this is when stress, anxiety, and depression appear. These states can be very habitual and they become stronger the more we stay in them.

A good hypnosis practitioner can move people into useful states to resolve problems, increase learning speeds and into deep relaxation. Self-hypnosis is a skill we can all learn, to move from state to state ourselves and choose the states we wish to access. The more we practice the skills, the easier it becomes and the faster we can change our states with greater beneficial results, anytime and anywhere.

What Is The Difference Between Self-Hypnosis, Meditation & Mindfulness?

Meditation and Mindfulness are very useful tools for life improvement although many people find both take a lot of time and practice for life-changing results. Self-hypnosis is a much faster way to relax, far deeper for most people, in a much shorter period of time.
One of the things you will love about self-hypnosis is that when we combine it with meditation and mindfulness we can speed up the process quickly, relax deeper on demand, anytime, anywhere.

What Is The Next Step?

Simply decide if you would like to learn Self-Hypnosis in one of our workshops or in a one to one session or even by an online session. Call us on 07568 455 809 today to discuss which option is better for you.

Can You Create A Workshop For A Private Group Or Business Training To Learn Self-Hypnosis?

Of course. We do many workshops and talks for businesses, groups, charities and private bookings for self-hypnosis and specific themes. Call us on 07568 455 809 to discuss this and we can work on something together.

What Issues Can Self-Hypnosis Help Me With?

Self-hypnosis has many powerful benefits and can quickly put you in control of your thoughts and actions, giving you choices of behavior and thoughts.
Most importantly it gives you the power to relax very quickly anytime, anywhere. This really helps to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, tensions, headaches, pain, tinnitus, sleep issues, relationship problems, confidence, eating issues, addiction, smoking cessation, digestive issues, food intolerances, allergies along with many other issues. With the right training, we can show you how to use Self-hypnosis for many issues or to help your friends and family.

How Effective Is Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss & Weight Management?

Self-Hypnosis is often very effective for weight loss, depending on the issues involved and most can be helped.
We can change our habits and beliefs when it comes to food and many of our eating patterns also.
Food has become emotional for many of us and another way we change our states and feelings. Thankfully we can also change the emotions and feelings certain foods bring us to choose foods that are better for us and our weight management.

Can Children & Teenagers Learn & Use Self-Hypnosis?

Absolutely. Self-Hypnosis skills can be very useful in all stages of our lives. We do help clients of all ages including children and teenagers benefit greatly in exams, learning, and confidence by managing their states.  Young people can often become very stressed with exams and this can really affect their exam results. Learning to be relaxed and calm can really make learning and examinations much easier. Spelling and numeracy levels can really be improved with self-hypnosis in a short period of time. Young people can really master self-hypnosis skills really well including those with Dyslexia and learning challenges.

Call us on 07568 455 809 to discuss how we can help you with self-hypnosis in many areas.



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