We help people with depression to take control and make their lives better.

Depression makes life unpleasant for you and those around you. It literally drains the joy out of life, leaving you with low energy, feeling tired, miserable, stressed, with little interest in life and puts your relationships at risk. The longer it goes on the stronger it can become.

The good news is,  we can help with your depression.

We can show you easy, simple techniques that put back in control of your life.
Quickly we can work to give you relief from your depression, bringing back the laughter, the fun, the energy, the joy and enjoyment of life.

Jenny’s experience.

“I had been feeling depressed for many months and the number of bad days was slowly becoming more common. My energy levels were so low that some days I could barely get out of bed, I lost all interest in my hobbies, I was ignoring my friends and my family were also starting to suffer, especially my husband and children. There was no joy in my life anymore and crying was normal, 3 or 4 times a day.

It was my husband who pushed me to do something about it. I really struggled to make that call. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy that first session was and how Mark really understood what I was going through. We practiced some easy exercises, he gave me a few tasks to do during the week and I started a journal.
Things started to feel better within a few hours and I felt for the first time in ages, that I could make things better, I had some hope. Daily I would have ups and downs and now I knew, how to handle them and push those depression symptoms away.
My husband was the first to point out I had started laughing again within a few days and my energy levels started to improve in the morning. I started to enjoy time with my the kids again and stopped putting things off. The change in a week was quite dramatic, for all of us.

My follow up appointment was fun and Mark showed me some more exercises that have really made a difference. It sounds silly now, I really don’t know what I was getting depressed about. Everything in my life was good but I was looking at things the wrong way.  
Today things are very different. I laugh, I sing, I dance & I love again as I used to do. I really love my life again. I do have the odd blip for a minute or two but I know how to handle it and push them away.”

Depression You Have The Choice & We Have The Skills.

You have the choice to take control of your depression. We have the skills, techniques & experience to make that happen.
Thankfully NLP, Hypnosis & Coaching can be very effective and fast in changing how we think and how we behave. These techniques can help us to recognise what sets off our negative thinking, makes us aware of how it starts and how to quickly replace it, with positive actions and thoughts.

What can you expect in your sessions for depression help?

Working with you, we discover what can be setting off your depression, negative thoughts or behaviors.
These can be everyday events, work, stress, family issues or even memories.
Once we are aware of these triggers we then explore how you can react to these in different ways, choosing better behaviors and thoughts in these situations.
We work to change your feelings and thoughts to these situations and replace them with good feelings on demand.

Usually, we quickly see a return to normal energy, your positive interest in life and your reasons for enjoying life. We then strengthen these improvements for lasting change.
Our aim is to help you find your direction in life, plan how this can be achieved and help you see the clear picture of your future.
Within just a session or two, we usually see major improvements with clients, as their life takes on an improved view and possibilities for the future.

Take action today to take control of your depression.

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How can Depression affect you & What are the symptoms?

Depression can affect both the mind and the body. It can result in reduced energy, lack of interest in daily life, lack of appetite, low sex drive, poor focus or concentration, low self-worth, and many other symptoms. Depression can give us a very distorted view of the world and our lives.
There can be many reasons why we can feel depressed and some people have no idea why they are feeling depressed.
Some studies and research show nutrient deficiencies, poor diet, food intolerances and lack of exercise can make symptoms worse.

In fact, there are many conflicting views on what causes depression and exactly what is the best treatment, as everyone is different.
The good news is that there are many techniques and therapies we use to help you with your depression.
Contact us today and see what can help you.