Here are some free tools you may find useful for anxiety, stress, relaxation, good mental health and so much more. New resources are added on a regular basis.

Soothing Music For Anxiety & Stress

Simply take some time for yourself, relax and allow your mind to wander.


Relaxing Meditative Music To Aid Good Sleep.

Relax and enjoy this meditative music to give you a great nights sleep.


The Visualisation Meditation Excercise.

A simple meditation excercise to train your mind to create your perfect day.


Relaxing Music To Melt Your Anxiety Away.

Simply get comfortable, breathe deeply at a pace comfortable for you and relax while listening to this anxiety melting music. You can find more resources to help with Anxiety & Stress here – Anxiety & Stress Help.



The Deep Relaxation Hypnosis Program

Find a comfortable place to relax, breath nicely and let you subconcious mind guide you to relax while listening to this calming audio track.

You can also download just the audio here.    Simply right click and save


The Deep Sleep Hypnosis Program

A simple way to relax and move towards natural sleep. Follow this track with your mind allowing your concious mind to drift away naturally.

You can download the Deep Sleep Hypnosis Audio Program Here. Simply Right Click & Save