Hypnosis for Candida ReliefDo you find Candida Confusing?

You may be aware that Candida, also known as a Yeast Infection, is becoming more common as a health problem and that there are many conflicting ideas on how to treat it. Candida Diets often don’t work well and can be very hard to follow.
Candida Drugs often have no benefits leaving people frustrated and confused.
Medical Professionals are often confused by Candida with some claiming it does not exist at all.
Expensive Supplements often don’t work why some people never beat Candida despite it being linked to many other health issues.
There are many possible causes of Candida because of our current lifestyles, food production methods and prescribed medications.
The good news is that you can beat Candida, with a little help from the Hypnosis for Candida Relief Program.

Hypnosis For Candida Relief – The Program

In order to successfully treat Candida issues and symptoms, we need to look at the full picture including your diet, your lifestyle, your nutrition, your environment, related health issues and your Stress & Anxiety levels. This is where the Hypnosis for Candida Relief Program can really help.

The Hypnosis for Candida Relief Program can

  • Speed up recovery time
  • Quickly reduces candida symptoms
  • Help to improve digestive issues
  • Reduces your stress & anxiety levels
  • Give you a clear plan of action
  • Save your money on expensive foods, supplements & drugs
  • Show you fast & continuing results
  • Put you back in control of your health

Are you ready to take control of your Candida and start feeling better?

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Hypnosis for Candida Relief My Personal Candida Journey & How I Beat It

Several years ago I discovered I had Candida because of a new year health program.
Part of that program was to consume healthy juices and smoothies and as usual, I was flushing out those toxins nicely but the weight was not coming off as usual. Then I noticed the itching that increased every time I consumed certain foods. I had completed these health programs on several occasions and this one was very different. My mood was awful, my energy didn’t increase, as usual, my digestive system was all over the place and the mind fog was really awful.
I expected this all to pass over the week but instead, it appeared to be getting stronger each day.

On contacting a qualified friend I was tested and it was confirmed that my Candida levels were very high.
I started to read everything I could find about Candida health issues and found the conflicting opinions of the many doctors, nutritionists, dietitians and other Candia experts very confusing. Almost every one of them had very different views with some stating that Candida did not exist at all.

After almost a weeks research I put my Candida Diet plan together, purchased a fortune’s worth of health supplements and stocked up on healthier foods. I was now aware that the Candida had been a problem for a few years and the new year health program had just highlighted the Candida problem.

Things Started To Improve, BUT

I started to feel a little better within a few days and the itching had reduced. The mind fog and digestive issues got better although I really struggled at work with very low energy and my mental focus was awful.
Slowly things did start to improve in many areas but my energy was so low, my productivity was awful and my mood was up and down each hour.

After several weeks I was better than I was but I was really fed up with the horrible diet and my energy levels we not getting better. At the gym, I could only do about 10% of what I normally did before crawling out exhausted.
I was also catching colds every few days and the supplements were clearly not helping.
After six months and I went back to my research to find exactly the same story for hundreds of others. Like me they were all trying various different Candida diets and regimes.
Some of them made great progress, some made no progress at all. One common factor was as soon as they went back to their regular food, the Candida issues started again.
Even worse, many had got worse and the health problems had accelerated into something else.

The Answer To Candida Problems – Hypnosis For Candida Relief

I eventually found a few dozen people stating they had beaten Candida. Most in a short period of time  and they were still eating many of the bad Candida foods.
Stress & Anxiety made progress with Candida very difficult and Candida is a perfect problem to create Stress & Anxiety.

So, I tried it and it worked by doing the following.

  • I added back in my favourite foods and used my bodies natural feedback to see which caused the Candida flare-ups.
  • Worked on those I managed to slowly reintroduce the problematic foods step by step.
  • I worked on my gut health and restored the natural gut flora.
  • Creating a Stress Relief routine, I practised this twice per day as part of a Self-Hypnosis Program.
  • I changed the way I ate to a conscious process, allowing me to enjoy my foods more.

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