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The Healing Pool, Self Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is a great set of tools to feel good, help relaxation and reduce anxiety and stress.With a little practice, you can learn to quickly relax, anytime anywhere, making your day more calm...

Anxiety & Stress, Foods To Avoid

We know that certain foods can affect how our brain and body function. Certain foods can really make some functions much worse and make our anxiety and stress levels much worse.This guide will help...

Better Sleep For Anxiety & Stress

Sleep problems can affect everyone from time to time, not just those experiencing anxiety and stress issues.Here are some powerful tips and techniques that help people achieve better sleep for...

EFT Tapping Made Simple & Easy

In this video, Mark Morley Anxiety Expert explains EFT tapping made simple & easy.   EFT Tapping Made Simple & Easy Tapping is a powerful technique that is...

Newcastle Hypnotherapy
Newcastle Hypnotherapy

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