Food & Supplements Anxiety & Stress

There are certain foods and supplements that can make a big difference for stress, anxiety, depression, emotional health and lifting your mood.
This guide walks you through the food & supplements for anxiety & stress.

food and supplements to help anxiety & stress

We know that certain foods can certainly make anxiety and stress so much worse, as discussed in our previous article and video,

Foods To Quickly Change Moods.

There are a number of foods that are useful for changing mood, especially when we are tired but unable to sleep or just irritable.

Bananas are wonderful as they are packed with potassium, vitamins and minerals and thought to be calming, reducing blood pressure, help to balance out sugar levels and balance energy levels naturally.

Green Tea & Match Green Tea contain caffeine but magically reduce anxiety and stress levels. Recent studies show both have anti-anxiety property effects and help to promote calmness. More details are explained in the video.

Baked & Mashed Potatoes, according to Dr Joe Esposito, help us to feel relaxed, calm as they provide us with serotonin.

Water. Very often people with anxiety are dehydrated. A lack of water can cause the brain to struggle as well as the rest of our bodies.
We do need to use pure water and avoid water with added sweeteners and flavours as they can cause problems.
A good tip is to mindfully drink a glass of clean water whenever we feel anxious or stressed, taking the time to notice the taste, the temperature, the smell, the sensations as this helps us to relax.

Good Foods To Help Anxiety & Stress

The aim is to eat a healthy, varied diet as this greatly improves anxiety and stress issues if done on a daily basis.

The Daily Dozen. A great guide and tracker is the free app from Dr M Greger. Look on your app store for Dr Greger’s Daily Dozen and install the app. It looks like this.

After many years of research and looking at studies, Dr Greger has come up with a list of the foods we need to consume daily for good health.
Clients that use this find their anxiety and stress reduces quickly as part of a treatment program.

As an example of how to use the Daily Dozen App, the top section mentions bean and you can click to track the portions eaten. When you click on the bean image it then gives you suggestions of the types of beans you can consume, such as chickpeas eaten as a hummus dip etc.

Use the app to track your progress and as a shopping list. There are also links to videos and more articles to help you.

Food To Eat Daily For Good Health.

The app tells us to daily consume a selection of Beans, Berries, Fruit, Cruciferous Vegetables, Greens, Other Vegetables, Flaxseeds, Nuts, Spices & Whole Grains. The video explains more in detail.

Eating a good selection may be new to you so do take it in small steps and try cooking foods in different ways.
Food & supplements anxiety & stress help is available to make your journey easier. Simply Contact Us.

Supplements For Anxiety & Stress Issues

Supplements can be a major help for those with anxiety and stress problems.
The right supplements can make a world of difference and the wrong supplements can be useless.
One of the challenges we face when we have anxiety and stress problems is that sometimes the digestive system is working poorly and nutrients from food and supplements may not be absorbed well.
Not all supplements are equal with many being a waste of money and time.
Here are the ones I recommend.

Vitamin B12 Sublingual 1000ug

Vitamin B12 is essential for a healthy nervous system and there is quite some debate if we can get it from our diet or not.
B12 deficiency can show as many of the signs of anxiety and if this last for some period it is though to cause permanet damge to the newvous syste.

I suggest everyone takes a B12 supplement to ensure adequate amounts of B12 are absorbed into your system.
I do suggest a sublingual B12 at 1000ug a day as this is absorbed under the tongue and works very well for clients.
I personally use Natures Aid Vitamin B12 Sublingual 1000ug as it is nicely priced, great quality and our clients do well with it.

Vitamin D3 With Calcium & Magnesium

Vitamin D is also essential for a healthy nervous system and recent studies show the lack of it can cause anxiety, stress and depression symptoms.
Magnesium is also essential for good health and recent studies also show that good supplementation can improve problems.

I recommend Natures Aid Vitamin D3 With Calcium & Magnesium as a daily supplement as again it works well for clients, it is great quality and very good value.

Daily Probiotics

Probiotics are another name for the good bacteria that live in your digestive system. Probiotics can help to restore good gut flora but finding the right one for you may be a task.
Avoid those dairy-based drinks that you find in the supermarkets as there are concerns that they are dead before they arrive in your gut.
Instead, find a capsule-based probiotic that is dairy, sugar and sweetener free.
Personally I use Food For Thought’s own brand Acidophillus on a daily basis.
There are many brands about and some of them are very good.
As part of our service, the sensitivity testing will tell you if you do need a daily probiotic and if so which ones will be good for you.

Cheap Supplements V Great Value Supplements.

Supplements should not be bought on price but on quality and value. Sadly this is not always clear due to health food marketing.
Personally I like Nature’s Aid supplements as the price is not expensive, they are great quality and work out better value than most brands.
Supermarket cheap brands are usually not worth the bother and even some health food chains own brands are of so little value.
I have also come across some expensive brands that have been really poor value. Do be careful with what you buy.

Supplements V Food

I always prefer to get my nutrients from food. Using the Daily Dozen App mentioned above will help you to get most of your nutrients from food.
Vitamins B12 & D3 are essential but both can be difficult to obtain from foods, even fortified ones.

Rather than risk being deficient it is worth trying these for 90 days or so to see the difference for yourself.
Do avoid supplements with D2 as this is only part of the Vitamin D makeup and D3 is far superior in my opinion.
Yes, we should be getting D3 from the sun however this is not possible for everyone and the level of D3 we need can vary from person to person.

If in doubt do find a specialist in nutrition to help you.

Food & Supplements Anxiety & Stress

In summary, it is important for everyone to get their daily dose of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy in every way.
For those suffering from anxiety, stress, depression and other mental health issues it is vital to make sure you are getting your nutrients in a form that is absorbable for you.
The difference this can make is quite remarkable.

Needing A Little Help With Your Anxiety & Stress?

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