events & workshops newcastle hypnotherapyNewcastle Hypnotherapy runs and takes part in many local events, workshops and fairs to promote:

Learn Life Enhancing Skills.
Handle Problems & Challenges Better.
Build Confidence & Make New Friends.


The Wednesday Workshop Events

Runs on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday each month and teachs new skills such as:
Self-Hypnosis, Meditation, Mindfullness, Emotion Freedom Technique – EFT, Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP, Past Life Regression and more.

These are great for improving life skills and also help with Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Self-Confidence, Memory Skills and more.

The Wednesday Workshop runs from The Vault in Wallsend on Wednesday evenings.
Booking advance is always required and a small fee is charged to cover the costs. This is a non-profit event.

Newcastle Hypnotherapy & NLP Events.

Longer events are also run for greater learning in such areas as Self-Hypnosis, Emotion Freedom Technique – EFT, Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP.

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Examples Of Events You Can Attend

Meditate Deeper & Faster Using Self Hypnosis

Past Life Regression Workshop

The Pain Management Workshop

Self Hypnosis for Stress & Anxiety

Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Events & Workshops Newcastle Hypnotherapy

You can also join the Wednesday Workshop Facebook Group for more information.

Can You Share Some Skills?

If you can contribute and share some useful life skills get in touch by email and we can discuss this further.

What Would You Like To Learn? Suggest A Topic.

If there is a particular topic or subject you would like to work on please let us know.
The aim of the group is to bring together as many skills as possible to then share with others.