The Secrets Of Being Happy

The Secrets Of Being Happy
Wednesday 11th December
7.30 pm to 10.00 pm.
@ The Vault, Wallsend.
Advance booking required.

PLEASE NOTE – this workshop has been combined with The Secrets Of Self-Confidence and extended to 10 pm.
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Happiness is a HABIT

During this fun workshop, we will explore the natural attitudes and skills certain people possess to be and stay happy.
We will then look at the best ways we can easily adapt these ideas to be happier, more relaxed, less stressed and less anxious.

Happy people tend to

  • be more relaxed
  • suffer less stress & anxiety
  • live longer & healthier lives
  • enjoy better health
  • attract friends & partners easier
  • suffer less mental health issues
  • smile more
  • enjoy better relationships
  • age slower
  • learn faster
  • experience fewer problems and challenges
  • handle problems better
  • enjoy life more

Learn The Secrets Of Being Happy.

Happiness is just a good habit that happy people do automatically.
These natural skills are easy to learn and practice until they become a natural habit.
They make life better, easier and more enjoyable.

This workshop is hosted by Mark from Newcastle Hypnotherapy.
Mark is a clinical hypnotherapist and master practitioner of NLP and has many life-improving skills to share.

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