The Secrets Of Deep Relaxation Workshop

deep relaxationLearn Simple Deep Relaxation Mind & Body Techniques To Improve Your Happiness, Health, Meditation & Sleep

Wednesday 18th September 7.30pm to 9.30 pm
The Vault Creative Wellbeing Centre
£15 per person
Advance booking required
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Learning to relax properly is a wonderful way to improve your health and quality of life.
Being able to relax on demand is a useful skill that helps our mind and body to work better, reducing stress, anxiety, tension and improves sleep.

The Secrets Of Deep Relaxation Workshop

During this Secret Workshop, you will learn important Self-Hypnosis and NLP skills to aid natural relaxation and happiness.

Learn how to

  • identify when you need to relax and start your relaxation process
  • know when you are relaxed to deepen those feelings further
  • use your mind to relax quickly, anytime, anywhere
  • practice self-hypnosis to relax yourself and others
  • replace feelings of tension, anxiety & stress with deep relaxation
  • feel relaxed during stressful situations
  • relax physically & mentally
  • focus your mind on relaxing images, sounds and feelings
  • relax while eating, walking & other activities
  • improve your meditation & mindfulness practice
  • defeat unwanted thoughts and distractions
  • enjoy life better while feeling relaxed and calm

The Secrets Of Deep Relaxation Workshop takes place on Wednesday the 18th of September at The Vault, Wallsend.
This Secret Workshop runs from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm and includes refreshments & snacks.
The price is just £15 per person, advance booking is required and we are limited to just 20 people.

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