Dealing With Difficult People & Children

dealing with difficult people and children
Deal with difficult people and children better.

Wed 20th November
7.30 pm to 9.30 pm
The Vault Creative Wellbeing Centre
£15 per person
Advance booking required
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Dealing with difficult people and children can be frustrating and stressful.
During this Secret Workshop, you will learn advanced NLP & Psychology Skills to improve your outcomes.

Learn how to

  • listen better for great results
  • discover hidden messages & needs
  • notice important body language signs
  • keep your composure and stay calm
  • use options to move forward
  • avoid becoming defensive
  • move away from arguments
  • set limits and boundaries
  • protect yourself from negative, energy drainers
  • put your point across nicely
  • obtain a win for everyone
  • improve your communication skills

Dealing With Difficult People & Children

Learning modern NLP and Psychological methods can really improve your communication skills, making relationships more enjoyable.
There are many hidden communication signals and messages in every conversation. Learning to recognize these signals opens up vital information that can help with difficult people and children.

Join us for this fun Secret Workshop and improve your relationships and communication skills.





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