Freedom From Anxiety & Stress Workshop








Freedom From Anxiety & Stress Workshop
Wednesday 23rd October
7.30 pm to 10 pm
The Vault, Wallsend.
Hot drinks & snacks included.
£15.00 Per Person
Advance booking is required.

Learning NLP & Self-Hypnosis skills can greatly help with anxiety & stress issues, replacing those old feelings with relaxation, self-confidence and calm.

Do you suffer from Anxiety, Stress, Low Self-Confidence or Struggle with Worry?
Anxiety & Stress are becoming a problem for more and more people, making life unhappy and damaging health.

Thankfully there are many things you can do to take control of anxiety and stress.
Simple, powerful techniques are helping people to take charge of their lives and replace anxiety & stress with feelings of confidence, strength and control.

The Freedom From Anxiety & Stress Workshop

This Workshop is an introduction to Anxiety Freedom Techniques that can successfully help to reduce or conquer Anxiety, Reduce Stress while building Self-Confidence and change Worry to Positive Thoughts.

During this workshop, you will learn Powerful Techniques to

  • gain awareness of anxiety & stress in yourself and others
  • recognise your triggers and anchors
  • be aware of the effects of anxiety & worry on your body & mind
  • discover which foods can make your anxiety, stress & moods worse

You will then move on to learn to

  • use powerful breathing techniques to reduce anxiety
  • interrupt & stop anxiety, stress & worry patterns
  • use skills to reduce negative states as soon as they appear
  • relax on demand and stay calm in stressful situations
  • use activities and recreation to keep anxiety away
  • enhance your diet to naturally reduce anxiety problems
  • bring on feelings of self-confidence on demand.

This Freedom From Anxiety & Stress Workshop will be led by Mark Morley, a specialist in anxiety & stress issues with Newcastle Hypnotherapy.

To learn these powerful skills to help with anxiety, stress & self-confidence simply book your place below.
Places are limited to just 20 people and accepted on a first come first served basis.

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    Want To Conquer You Anxiety & Stress Even Faster?

    You can arrange a free phone consultation to discuss your anxiety issues and explore the options that are available to you.
    Mark works with a number of clients on an individual basis each week and helps works with many other issues and challenges.
    To arrange your free consultation call 07568 455 809, leaving a message if required.
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    What did Dr Andrew say about our Anxiety & Stress Sessions?

    You can also join The Wednesday Workshop Discussion Group here

    Client Feedback by LN “I’ve had an amazing Christmas. I’ve been very relaxed compared to the last few years with a house full. Had a bit of a stressful morning yesterday, and I was able to dissolve my feelings pretty quick. I’m still taking my supplements and looking at ways to improve my diet. So overall still heading in the right direction.”LN

    Client Feedback by JoyceThank you for your help at a very difficult time in my life, you were extremely patient and it helped a lot. The weight loss continues and l am more positive. Regards Joyce”

    Client Feedback by Steve “Hi Mark, Just a quick email to thank you for the help you gave me. My problems with anxiety were hitting me hard as you know and I was concerned about losing my job because of it. Since our sessions, the anxiety has been under control and I now feel I have my life back.  I can’t thank you enough. Steve “

    Client Feedback by Gary
    “Mark is great. Got to the cause of the problem, felt a part of the solution and left really clear on what needed to happen – and to top it off I’ve been ‘sugar-free’ for over two weeks”