Self-Confidence Workshop

Wednesday the 11th December
7.30 pm – 10.00 pm
The Vault, Wallsend
Advance booking required
Book below – Limited Spaces

PLEASE NOTE – We have combined this workshop with the happiness workshop and extended the time slightly.

Improve Your Self-Confidence & Feel Amazing.

Have you noticed that people with great self-confidence find life usually goes in their favour? Do you see them attracting good things, good people, less resistance in life and they smile much more?

Self-confidence is a natural skill, a mindset, an attitude that gives people that extra edge in life. It makes life so much easier as though life bends the right way, for people with self-confidence.

Good News! – Everyone can learn self-confidence.

Daftly we are not taught self-confidence in school. Some people naturally pick it up while others miss it completely. The difference self-confidence can make to our lives is amazing. Your life can be so much better.

During This Self-Confidence Workshop, you will learn

  • how to be self-confident
  • to naturally increase your self-esteem
  • NLP techniques to instantly switch on self-confidence
  • how to be relaxed around others
  • how to smile naturally
  • to be self-confident in your own way
  • a self-hypnosis technique to naturally see yourself as self-confident

This self-confidence building workshop lasts for 2 hours starting at 7.30 pm.
You will learn easy to use skills and techniques that will quickly improve your self-confidence and self-esteem.
With practice, you can improve these levels to those of your choice.

You can book your place here. Click now to book your place.

Would you like to work with Mark privately to conquer your anxiety, stress or low self-confidence issues?
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Client Feedback by LN “I’ve had an amazing Christmas. I’ve been very relaxed compared to the last few years with a house full. Had a bit of a stressful morning yesterday, and I was able to dissolve my feelings pretty quick. I’m still taking my supplements and looking at ways to improve my diet. So overall still heading in the right direction.”LN

Client Feedback by JoyceThank you for your help at a very difficult time in my life, you were extremely patient and it helped a lot. The weight loss continues and l am more positive. Regards Joyce”

Client Feedback by Steve “Hi Mark, Just a quick email to thank you for the help you gave me. My problems with anxiety were hitting me hard as you know and I was concerned about losing my job because of it. Since our sessions, the anxiety has been under control and I now feel I have my life back.  I can’t thank you enough. Steve “

Client Feedback by Gary
“Mark is great. Got to the cause of the problem, felt a part of the solution and left really clear on what needed to happen – and to top it off I’ve been ‘sugar-free’ for over two weeks”