Change Therapist Foundation Course

Module 1 starting 12 January 2022.
Course Aim
The aim of this course is to give new & experienced therapists the skills to work with clients and help them to successfully experience a positive change for a range of common problems including stress, anxiety, depression, self-confidence, addictions, unwanted behaviour and more.

The course is divided into 3 modules:
1. Intro to NLP/Hypnotherapy Concepts and Tools
2. Building your Toolset
3. Master practitioner toolset

Upon completion of module one, you will qualify as an accredited trainee therapist which will allow you to start working with clients. Upon completion of all 3 modules, you will become a fully certified and
accredited therapist. * Certification is dependent on your ability to demonstrate successful use of the skills required.

Module 1 Contents

Understanding Problems.
Learn exactly what anxiety, stress, depression & addiction are and how to replace them with better behaviours.

Breaking Beliefs.
Negative beliefs can really hold people back in life, making such a difference to happiness, income and quality of life. Learning to break and change beliefs is a powerful way to change a client’s life.

Changing Habits.
If left alone unwanted habits will continue however, we can often replace an unwanted habit with a new positive habit with amazing results.

Is the client really ready for change? It is important to establish if the client is ready for change at this time. We can explore this with powerful questions and also guide the client forward as they discover their reason why.

Resourceful States.
Learning to move your clients and yourself into resourceful states is a powerful way of creating change. Mastering this skill will help you to change unwanted behaviour, control craving, addictions and so much more.

Introduction to EFT & Rapid Tapping.
There are many forms of tapping and some are more effective than others.
This module will teach you how to use tapping, what it can be used for and how your clients can benefit?
The framework of the perfect client session.
Your client sessions need to be conducted in the correct order while also being flexible to meet your client needs. Here we explore the perfect session framework and how to keep everything on track.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will Module 1 be delivered?
Module 1 will be delivered via live zoom sessions. Each session will be around 3 hours in duration.
There will also be an optional half-day in-person workshop in Newcastle.

We recommend that you attend the live sessions which allows you to
take part in Q&A after each session, although there will also be recorded sessions available for those unable to attend the live segments.
There will also be practice time to help you learn and improve your skills along with homework between each session.

Who is delivering The Foundation Therapist Course?
Catalyst Health & Newcastle Hypnotherapy are running the course.
Mark Morley will be the main trainer for this course. Mark has many years of experience in working with clients and delivering coaching, training, workshops and therapy.
Mark is qualified as a Master NLP Practitioner & Clinical Hypnotherapist.

What Is the aim of Module 1?
Module 1 is here to help you become a trainee therapist, to gain the required insurance and to start to develop an income for your therapy work. By completing modules 2 & 3 you will be accredited as a Change Work Therapist and Hypnotherapist.

How Long Is Module 1?
Module 1 is run over 3 months.

Can I work as a therapist after Module 1?
Yes, as a trainee therapist. Module 1 will give you what you need to secure insurance and give you the skills to work in some areas. Modules 2 & 3 will increase your skills and give you more

Do I need to complete Modules 2 & 3?
You can join Module one and there is no obligation for the following
Modules 2 & 3 have the aim of giving you advanced NLP & Hypnotherapy Skills along with an accredited certification as a change work therapist and hypnotherapist.

How Long Does it take to get fully qualified?
It takes approximately 12 months to complete all modules including the assessment.

Course Costs

What are the costs for Module 1?
Module 1 is £699 or £600 at the discount price.
If you are accepted onto the course you can confirm your place with a deposit of just £99.

Option 1. To qualify for the discounted £600 price you must complete your payment, in full by the 1st Of December 2022
Option 2 – The Payment Pan. Simply pay your deposit of £99 to
secure your place and then 3 payments of £200 over September, October & November.

How Do Book My Place?

To be considered for the course we will need to arrange a call together to establish your goals and to make sure this is a good fit for you.

Places are limited and allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please Contact Us Here and we will come back to you shortly.