The Secrets Of Emotional Strength

The Secrets Of Emotional Strength
Wednesday 10th July

7.30 pm to 9.30 pm
The Vault, Wallsend
£12.50 Early Bird Price
Advance booking only



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Hello everyone,
over the last few months I have been asked how do we increase our emotional & mental strengths?
There are a number of aspects to both and the first thing to do is to recognise our current strengths.

We all have a number of unconscious strengths, skills and abilities that can really help us in life.

As part of this workshop, we will unlock these strengths, make you more aware of them and then look at how we can adapt and use them for the future.

Most people are quite shocked when they discover and realise how powerful these skills make them.
These skills are usually transferable and adaptable to many areas of our lives.

Once we recognise these natural, hidden skills we can then switch them on, on demand and also look at how we can improve them as needed.

This gives is a very strong skill set, allowing us to be much stronger emotionally & mentally, improving what we do & how we do it, to the best of our abilities.

Our next workshop will show you how to discover these unconscious skills and how to use them to improve your emotional and mental strengths.

You can book your place by clicking the link below.
I look forward to seeing you all and sharing these powerful techniques with you all.

The Secrets Of Emotional Strength Workshop

During this workshop, you will learn to

  • recognise your current strengths & how to use them
  • look at what needs to be improved
  • view things from different perspectives
  • use your past experiences for future success
  • handle past emotional problems
  • avoid the things that make you emotionally weak

Moving forward for a better future we will explore how you can

  • stay on track
  • avoid future problems
  • take control of yourself emotionally
  • improve your view on life
  • enrich your mind
  • look after your diet well
  • build emotional strength

Who will this workshop help?

This workshop will help people looking to improve their life, relationships, communication and to handle life’s ups and downs better.
It will also help those looking to reduce anxiety, stress and those looking for a calmer life.

Learn The Secrets Of Emotional Strength

As with all of The Secret Workshops you can learn simple skills, that with practice can really improve your life.

To join us book your place here. Advance booking is always required for these workshops.





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