Protection & Empowerment Skills Workshop

A Secret Workshop @ The Vault, Wallsend. 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm – 19th June

Advance booking required – £12

Limited to 20 spaces only



Do some people drain your energy, bring you down or suck the life out of you?

Are you spending time around negative people who just frustrate you and make life miserable?

Would you like to learn the skills to protect yourself from negative behaviour, attitudes and energy?

There are natural skills that caring, giving people use to protect themselves to stay healthy and centred.

This workshop can help those who

  • are caring for others
  • have an empathetic personality
  • experience an energy drain around negative people
  • work as a healer or counseller
  • suffer from burnout easily
  • struggle with awkward family members
  • feel bullied or intimidated by others

This workshop will help you to learn to

  • become more resilient
  • develop a positive, protective mindset
  • stop others draining your energy
  • mentally step back when needed
  • control your mental states
  • avoid arguments
  • improve your self-confidence & self-esteem
  • increase your energy on demand
  • quickly let go of frustration & problems
  • keep your mind clear and focused
  • give as you need to while protecting yourself
  • use your natural strengths to help people better


Learn Your Super Hero Skills & Become A Hero

Places are limited to just 20 people. Book your place here.




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    Places are limited to just 20 people. Book your place here.