Self-Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Look Great For The Summer

Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss Workshop – Saturday 9th June.

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In this relaxed, enjoyable workshop you will learn:

  •  to help you control your Food Cravings
  • to make Better Food Choices
  • to control Stress & Anxiety related to food
  • to help you Control Your Appetite
  • to use the power of Mindfulness & Mediatation over food
  • to use you Mind to Enjoy Excercise
  • to explore and add a Variety Of New Foods to your diet
  • to develope a Healthy Mindset
  • to control Emotional Eating
  • to Develop Your Reason Why and Motivation

You will also learn:

  • why Calorie Counting will often not work
  • the surprising Foods That Cause The Biggest Weight Gain
  • the Foods That Increase Cravings
  • about the many Myths Of Weight Loss
  • why most Diets Do Not Work
  • how to Save Money while losing weight

Also included are:

  • the Self-Hypnosis For Weight Loss Workshop Handouts
  • a Hypnotic Audio Program “Self-Hypnosis For Weight Loss” for home use
  • access to our Private Facebook Support Group to help you achieve your goal

Booking in advance is required for this event and spaces are limited.

You can book your place below today.



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Self-Hypnosis For Weight Loss

You can also book a one to one session for help with weight loss and many other issues.
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Terms & Conditions.
Places are limited for this workshop. If you are unable to attend the workshop once you have booked you place, please let us know as soon as possible. We will offer you an alternative date or workshop place in the future or to use your payment towards a single session.
We do not offer a refund once you have booked your place.
Results will vary for each individul and will depend on the effort you put into using the skills you learn.
Ongoing support is available in the private facebook group for this event.